Pipeline clear cuts trees without permission

In Ohio, near the Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve, Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners cut down trees to make way for the installation of an underground pipeline. The company took down 100 trees owned by a private resident, 300 feet from the state-owned preserve. According to a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, “it appears that a small tract of land owned by the state was impacted without permission”. The county planning commission sent Enterprise a letter indicating that they had violated floodplain regulations. See the Columbus Dispatch article from 02/22/2013.

Courtney Hergesheimer | DISPATCH

Courtney Hergesheimer | DISPATCH

1 thought on “Pipeline clear cuts trees without permission

  1. Beverly Sydlosky

    One of my sons lived in N.E. Pa for many years and has experienced the devastation wreaked upon that area by the companies drilling wells in that area. He moved here recently and is very concerned about the installation of the pipleine. He told me that the companies contracted to clear the land are “butchers” and care nothing for wildlife, the environment or property owners. Among the many considerations is the damage which will be inflicted upon the roads by the movement of heavy equipment and constant trucking. Also the noise emanating from the many pumping stations will be disruptive to people, animals and wildlife. There is absolutely no upside to this desecration of our pristine lands, family farms and private property. The only ones profiting will be the gas companies and those who are involved politically.
    Beverly Sydlosky

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