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Report on Important Resources and Pipeline Impacts

Hopewell Big Woods Pipeline Report

Hopewell Big Woods Pipeline Report

At the request of East Nantmeal, North Coventry, South Coventry, Union, Warwick, and West Vincent Townships, Natural Land Trust, French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust and Green Valleys Association have compiled a summary of the important natural, recreational, and historical resources in the Hopewell Big Woods. The report also provides information about the potential impacts of the proposed Commonwealth Pipeline or any other future utility rights-of-way that would pass through the landscape.


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The Village and the Pipeline

So where are we on the Commonwealth gas pipeline that first came to light last fall as a threat to our community?  We have been hearing reports since December that the project was “temporarily deferred,” but Commonwealth’s website indicated that the project was still a go. That has changed.  The website now reports that “The sponsors of Commonwealth Pipeline have suspended development of the project. We will be updating the website periodically to provide current information regarding the project’s status.”  This is very good news, but, while now official, a “suspension” is obviously not the end.

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The Village, the Gas Pipeline, and the Yard Sale

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission recently awarded the Village of East Nantmeal and surrounding farms – an area of about 1000 acres – a Determination of Eligibility for listing on the National Historic Register. This means that we are just one step away from almost 10% of our Township being included on the National Historic Register! And this also means that we may have  another good reason to prevent gas pipelines from invading our precious open space and backyards.

The research needed to complete the final application will cost about $7000, money which the East Nantmeal History Society will have to raise. Because Historic Registry status could also help protect our land, the East Nantmeal Land Trust is assisting with fundraising.

Hopefully, everyone who lives here will recognize what this all means to our Township and to themselves, and support it any way they can. Every dollar counts, so every gift, no matter how small will make a difference!

Please use the enclosed envelope to send your tax-deductible donation to:

East Nantmeal Land Trust

P.O. Box 161

Glenmoore, PA 19343

          ENLT is again sponsoring our Annual Yard Sale and all proceeds will help to pay for the Historic Village Registry application. If you have items to donate for sale, or can volunteer your time, please call or email Alison Mallamo [(610) 458-9162;].



How to Kill a Cow or the Pipeline Blues

In a letter to Lancaster Farming, Christy Ann Strange documents the struggle she has had after the construction of gas pipeline across her farm. Her issues range from 6-inch landscaping nails causing injury to livestock, stripping of soil, damage to standing trees and littering a field with rock. East Nantmeal residents could learn from this to be very careful about any land lease agreements with pipeline agents. In particular you will need to incorporate protections for your property during construction and specific remediation of the area post construction.