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Commonwealth Pipeline is not over

Citing low natural gas prices and a slow economy, backers of the Commonwealth pipeline suspended the project. But that does not mean this pipeline, or a variant of it, will not eventually be developed. John J. Sherman, chief executive of Inergy Midstream L.P., told investors, “We still believe that the project is needed, it’s a good project, and it’s just a matter of time before it develops,”  Inergy, based in Kansas City, Mo., would have built and operated the pipeline.

News items from The Inquirer, announcing the suspension, and the Daily Local News, covering concerns of local politicians, reinforce the notion that we have not seen the end of Commonwealth’s plan for East Nantmeal.


Location of Pipeline in East Nantmeal

The East Nantmeal Gas Pipeline Map depicts the approximate location of the proposed Commonwealth Pipeline as it passes through East Nantmeal. Please note that the final location may vary significantly from this map, as detailed surveys have not been completed.

If you have Google Earth, you can click on Screen Capture from Google Earththis link and open the data in Google Earth; then zoom in for a more refined view.

East Nantmeal Land Trust Opposes Pipeline

The Board of Directors of the East Nantmeal Land Trust has voted unanimously to oppose the proposed Commonwealth Pipeline in our community as it would involve extensive disturbance, and in some cases irreparable destruction, of the unique natural resources, open space and conserved land that our Township and its residents have fought so hard to protect.